1.08: Fang and Claw

Dannie can I have an ice cream? Please!” Asked the young, excited voice of Sarah as she, Dannie and her mother Laura walked by an ice cream van parked beside an entrance to a nearby park.

Dannie looked to her partner who seemed to nod approvingly.

“Sure thing, which one do you want?” Dannie asked, looking down at the smiling little girl looking back up at her.

Sarah walked up to the ice cream truck as Dannie dug out the wallet she kept in the left pocket of her jeans.
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1.07: Pursuit

Please, let me go, hide me, do something! She’ll be coming for me and there’s nothing that will stop her!” Arthur raved, smashing his clenched fists on the spotless white table before him.

“Answer our questions Arthur,” replied a thin, tall man dressed all in black, including a featureless black mask, “who is ‘she’? Why were you meeting with two demons in that abandoned warehouse?” Continue reading

1.06: Untapped Potential

Felicia’s eyes slowly opened, her sight adjusting to the dim light of her new ‘home’. As Felicia sat up and rubbed her eyes and felt an uncomfortable ache in her back from sleeping on the curved, concrete recess in the walls of the storm drain.

It wasn’t as if she wasn’t grateful for the safety and seclusion this hideout provided, Felicia thought to herself as she rubbed her lower back, trying to ease the dull, aching pain. Continue reading

1.05: Guardian Angel

Nemesis continued to squeeze the life out of her younger brother, looking at him with a feeling of complete anger, disgust and hatred.

“Neroth?” Nemesis spoke, as if asking a question, “can we take him back to hell? I wish to make his death as excruciating and prolonged as possible.”

Neroth laughed to himself, pleased at how completely Nemesis had given herself over to the demonic element that had crept into her being.
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1.04: One to Go…

Nemesis walked into Neroth’s sanctum, it was as unwelcoming and ominous as it was when she first set foot into it, with its all black stone walls, braziers filled with tortured soul-fire and the tall chair of her lord, with fingers of bone curling around the middle of the height of the chair’s back, closing in on the demon lord like an incomplete rib cage.

Kneeling some feet before the black altar which Neroth sat behind Nemesis raised her gauntlet, gorged with the souls of the Lylus sisters.

“The Lylus sisters met with their end my lord,” Nemesis said coldly.
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1.03: Pushed to the Edge

A lustrous, bony blade carved through the black rock of the underground arena like a hot knife through butter with Nemesis barely managing to roll out of the way of Alythess’ latest attack. Within a moment the swifter of the demon sisters was already upon the soul-hunter and Nemesis had to again struggle to deflect the assault.

Nemesis was offered no respite as Alythess’ third attack followed quickly after the second, unable to bring her demon-blade to bear in time Nemesis was struck, the blurred demon’s arm blade scraping the soul-collector’s armour as she zoomed passed, knocking Nemesis off kilter.
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1.02: 998 Down…

It had been months since the Claws of Norr and the destruction of the deluded demon Sourak. Yet still Nemesis was collecting souls for her master, she was just returning from a target that hid in the midst of the ‘Torturous Wood’, a vast expanse of dead, groaning trees that blanketed much of demon Lord Fnorgruth’s minute territory.

As Nemesis approached her master’s citadel she felt the dull ache of her wounds, this last foe was the strongest yet, and it showed. Nemesis’ normally unblemished face was scuffed  and even had a cut on her right cheek that slowly trickled with blood, her hood was dirty and slightly torn. Continue reading