About Nemesis

Nemesis is a series of episodic stories with a great amount of inspiration drawn from various animes, such as Naruto, One Piece as well as a dozen or so other games and series. The story focuses on Nemesis, a woman unfortunately sold into the service the demon lord, Neroth.

Clad in demon-steel armour, and wielding a powerful demonic blade, the first ‘arc’ sees Nemesis given the task of collecting the soul-debts of her master, the demon lord Neroth until she finally earns her freedom. Although the events of the stories quickly escalate and even spill back onto the realm of man-kind where Nemesis encounters new ‘allies’, and a host of new foes.

Author’s Note: These stories, and my writing are far from perfect. I’m constantly striving to improve my work, so if you have any feedback, suggestions, or spot any errors in the stories (typos and the like) then leave a comment! Hope you enjoy your time here.


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