1.15: Reckoning

The dull silver corridors of the Institute’s Facility Twelve were once again rocked, the calm but intense white lighting turning swiftly to red as the automatic security protocols kicked in.

Magnus and Shadow stood opposite one another, both of them knew their combat would soon begin but waited for the other to make a move. Continue reading


1.14: Infiltration

Mere moments after the trio of Tar’el, Felicia and Nemesis had left his shop Sepheous rushed back behind the nearby counter and into the back room of his store.

The satyr hissed a quick incantation as he gave a wide gesture toward the floor. As his hand passed over the wooden boards they creaked and slid away, revealing two grand chests covered in age old dust. Continue reading

1.13: Ignis

I think I was drugged for most of my first weeks in the Institute, with something that made me more open to suggestion, something that clouded my mind. I don’t think back then I even knew my own name,” Felicia explained in her magical dream state, “some time after the second week a man came to see me; Master Magnus.”
Continue reading

1.11: Captain Björn, the Undefeatable Foe

Deep within the heart of a mountain range, a little over three hundred miles south by south west of the Institute’s Facility Fourteen was another of the Institute’s compounds, designated Facility Twelve. Unlike Facility Fourteen, which was mostly used for containment of prisoners and research subjects and a warehouse for items of little interest Facility Twelve was more akin to a fortress that dwarfed several other of the Institute’s facilities found throughout America.

In a grim, dark chamber deep within Facility Twelve a man dressed in black and red robes poured over books that glowed dimly with purple runes. The man’s skin was pale and wrinkled with age. An oddly youthfully black beard spilled down from his face, reaching down to the bottom of his neck where it tapered off whispily. Continue reading

1.10: Ursine Aggression

Nemesis blasted forwards, raising her sword as she swiftly ran towards her opponent, the mechanical-suit bound Commander Blade.

As Nemesis neared she jumped towards her foe, bringing her blade over head, preparing to strike.

Blade scowled and hunkered down, bringing his left arm up to defend against Nemesis’ incoming attack.

An explosion of force swept over the canteen-like room as Nemesis’ blade clashed against Blade’s armour. Nearby tables and folding metal and plastic chairs were flung haphazardly to the corners and sides of the room. Continue reading

1.09: Facility Fourteen

Captain Varg, do you copy?” Commander Blade asked a silent communication, “Captain Varg, what is your status? Have you recaptured Ignis? Captain Varg!?”

Commander Blade growled frustratedly as he stomped around the control centre for Facility Fourteen, the Institute compound he currently found himself in.

A metal panel on the left arm of Commander Blade’s high-tech suit slid back to reveal a blue touch screen with dozens of buttons littered about its display. Blade jabbed a few of the buttons with the thick, metal fingers of his right hand. Continue reading